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About Bosnia and Herzegovina

The history of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a complex mix of cultures, religions, peoples, and it represents lush natural beauties and lush greenery. Turquoise and clean rivers, medieval fortresses, various waterfalls, western and neighboring countries offer great opportunities to visit and enjoy this beautiful country. Sarajevo has great opportunities for excellent programs for visiting this country, then Mostar (a city in the south of the country), which has excellent connections with tourist towns in neighboring countries such as Kotor, Dubrovnik and Split

The people of Bosnia and Herzegovina are warm, welcoming with welcome to all guests, which is confirmed at all major tourist portals. Thanks to these researches, people in Bosnia and Herzegovina are most welcome in all of Europe. Bosnia and Herzegovina has great opportunities for cycling, hiking, rafting or swimming. All these activities are conditioned by weather conditions, but throughout the year you can find some activity in the nature in which you will enjoy

For all these beauties and pleasures, you can contact our agency staff and allow us to help organize your trip


About Mostar

Mostar is a city located in the south of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is a city that can offer you many historic buildings, natural beauty, beautiful Mediterranean climate, but also a city that has suffered a lot in the last war. The most popular historical heritage is the well-known Old Bridge on the Neretva river, which was completely destroyed during the last war of 1993, and completely renovated in the same form and opened in 2004. It is currently on the UNESCO World Protection List. Exploring the old city is another possibility in this city, wandering the cobblestone, small and narrow streets passing by shops that are always busy selling their goods. The jumping club on the old bridge organizes jumps in Neretva from the top of an old bridge from a height of 27 meters. The jumps are organized every last Sunday of the month of July. Also, Red Bull organizes attractive jumps from the Old Bridge, where famous jumps of attractive jumps from all over the world are taking part. Mostar, as a tourist destination in Herzegovina, is near Blagaj, with a famous medieval town and a religious dervish house, then it is close to the medieval city of Počitelj, the waterfall of Kravica and the religious city of Medjugorje

You can visit all of these Herzegovina beauties together with us



Hejas doo Mostar is a travel and travel agency founded in 1995 with the primary activity of the organization and providing transportation services in domestic and international passenger transport

In providing transport services, Hejas Mostar has only the best vehicles of renowned brands, who have proven their quality in the fields of safety and comfort, and professionally trained drivers with many years of experience. In addition to transportation services, Hejas Mostar also has the necessary machinery for field testing and drilling, and trained personnel to work on the same

Some of the services that Hejas Mostar has been successfully implementing for many years are:

  • International transport
  • Passenger transport from and to the airport
  • Domestic and international transport
  • Tour organization
  • Tour of tourist destinations
  • Transport for business visits
  • A rich fleet
  • Luxury and comfort cars and buses
  • Interesting destinations
  • Satisfied costumers

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